We will manage and deal with the day-to-day functionality of your strata scheme in a manner that ensures compliance with the various legislative and regulatory requirements.

Below is a detailed list of services that we provide to the owners corporation:

Accounting Services

  • Establish and maintain the trust account for the owners corporation
  • Issue levy notices to owners
  • Monitor recovery of levy arrears
  • Pay invoices on behalf of owners corporation (e.g. water, electricity, council rates and maintenance)
  • Prepare and lodge BAS statements with ATO
  • Provide statutory reconciled accounts including balance sheet, statement of income and expenditure and levy status report (AGM)
  • Preparation of annual tax return
  • Assist auditors in providing accounts and records for audit
  • Prepare administrative fund budget and sinking fund budget
  • Manage administrative fund and sinking fund.


  • Prepare and lodge routine insurance claim
  • Arrange insurance valuation as required
  • Obtain quotes for insurance renewal
  • Submit quotes to executive committee and renew insurances (if requested)


  • Maintain strata roll and minute books
  • Maintain correspondence files
  • Record and retain notices under sections 101, 118, 119, 120 and the Act
  • Issue notice and minute of delegated performance
  • Maintain common seal
  • Attend to routine written and oral communication


  • Included in our fee is the attendance and chairmanship of your Annual General Meeting and concurrent Executive Committee Meeting
  • As and when requested, GPSM can prepare and distribute extraordinary General Meetings and/or Executive Committee Meetings. If requested we can be in attendance as well as undertake the chairmanship of the Meeting
  • Preparation of notices of Annual General Meetings
  • Preparation of minutes of Annual General Meetings
  • Arrange for venue for meetings. Meeting facilities are available at no charge for its client meetings at our offices located inSydneycity


  • From time to time when there are disputes within an owners corporation, we will try to mediate between the occupants in dispute.
  • Where there has been a breach of the by-laws, our office will issue an initial breach notice to the occupant. In the event that the breach is not remedied within a reasonable period, our office will generally issue a final by-law breach notice
  • There are further proceedings that can be taken against occupants who repeatedly fail to adhere to the by-laws. Our office can issue a Notice to Comply, or proceed with further actions through the Consumer, Trader and Tenancy Tribunal (“CTTT”) for either a fine, mediation or for an order to be placed. Our office is here to guide the owners corporation with respect to the best course of action
  • Answer queries from the executive committee about by-laws

Levy Contributions

  • All levy notices incorporate a remittance slilp, which enables contributions to be paid by cheque, BPAY or via direct fund transfer
  • All levy notices are posted to owners approximately two weeks prior to the due date. In conjuction with the 1–month grace period (as provided under the Act), before any interest is accrued on the account, owners will have approximately six weeks to pay their levies

Defects, Building Matters and Rectifications

  • We have the expertise in dealing with building defect matters. We will attend to building disputes, including major defects claims against the builder, through the CTTT, Supreme Court and/or claims lodged through the Home Owners Warranty Insurer, upon the advice and direction of an appointed lawyer
  • In relation to buildings refurbishments or upgrades, we can facilitate on behalf of the owners corporation quotations and the engagement of engineers/consultants if required
  • We maintain close liaison with the executive committee during any defect and/or rectifications management, to ensure that there is transparency during the process

 Emergency Repairs

  • We are aware of the concern owners have regarding emergency repairs outside normal business hours. To alleviate these concerns we have established an After Hours Emergency Repairs Service. Our office will correspond with the caller, the tradesmen and/or Building Manager to ensure that the emergency repair is attended to immediately.
  • Any emergency repair attended to is then followed by a work order to the appropriate contractors