Great Pacific Realty Pty Ltd (GPR) is a fully licensed real estate agency. It was established in 2002 as an extension to the Group’s property development business, specifically to handle each development property’s long-term tenant management. GPR currently manages numerous rental properties around Sydney and has an excellent track record with a history of repeat investor business.

Great Pacific Strata Management Pty Ltd (GPSM) has recently been established to complement and expand on the property management services provided by GPR. GPSM is a licensed strata managing agent and has the capability, resources and expertise to effectively manage residential, commercial and mixed strata schemes of all sizes throughout Sydney.

As a qualified strata managing agent, we assist and guide Executive Committees of owners corporations through the complex web of related legislation and compliance obligations faced by strata schemes. Our primary focus is in protecting and enhancing the value of our clients’ strata assets through proactive customer service and effective communication between the various stakeholders in a strata scheme.  It is our priority to offer our clients the protection, security and peace of mind they need for their homes or investments when they entrust us with the management of their strata scheme.