Australia-Asia Trade and Investment Advisory and Consulting

Great Pacific Asia Nexus Pty Ltd is part of the Great Pacific Financial Group which was established in 1992 and is based in Sydney. Following its beginnings as a retail mortgage lender, the Group extended its commercial activities into property related financial services and, over the past decade, it has diversified into various sectors including property and other investments, property development, manufacturing and hospitality in Australia and China. Additionally, as a diversified financial institution, the Group takes a leading role in various types of acquisitions, mergers, takeovers, investments and divestments in Australia.

Great Pacific Asia Nexus specialises in the provision of advisory and consulting services to Chinese and Australian enterprises engaged or intending to engage in international trade between Australia and China, investment and commercial dealings in and between both countries, and corporate advisory services for Chinese clients in respect of mergers and acquisitions, takeovers and listings on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Through its own executives and those of the Group, Great Pacific Asia Nexus possesses a vast experience in facilitating, negotiating and implementing commercial dealings and other transactions and establishing businesses. It also possesses the skills to identify quality assets and projects, to maximise their underlying value at a minimal cost, and to formulate rewarding exit strategies for all participants.

For Australian enterprises and business people, Great Pacific Asia Nexus has the capability of providing them access to rewarding commercial opportunities on the platform of China’s world manufacturing powerhouse and huge market of consumers of goods and services.

Similarly, Great Pacific Asia Nexus is able to identify and enhance the value of quality investments and commercial opportunities in Australia for Chinese enterprises and business people who seek to capitalise on Australia’s rich natural resources, sound corporate environment, world class property sector, technological know-how and economic and political strength and stability.


China Chief Representative: Mr Ge Bao Kun
中国首席代表: 葛宝昆先生