Great Pacific

Established in the early 1990s, Great Pacific Financial Group (“the Group”) has been well regarded as a specialist in property investment banking.  Diversified investments at different times have built the Group a portfolio comprising mortgage books, residential properties, hotels & serviced apartments, coal mines and infrastructure developments.

Specialises in property development consultancy. Together with the other specialised divisions within the Group, our clients’ projects are well looked after from the project’s inception till completion. More »

Providing a range of innovative banking and property-related services including tailored banking services for retail customers, structured finance and property packaging solutions and mortgage origination. More »

A fully licensed real estate agency and was established in 2002 as an extension to the Group's property development business, specifically to handle each development property's long-term tenant management. More »

Specialises in the provision of advisory and consulting services to Chinese and Australian enterprises engaged or intending to engage in international trade between Australia and China. More »