Strata Management

The Strata Schemes Management Act and Regulations and other state and federal laws impose various legal and compliance obligations on the owners corporation.

As a professional strata managing agent, we will assist and guide the owners corporation through its responsibilities and obligations. Our strata managers are specially trained in handling the necessary tasks including keeping up with the ever-increasing number of legislative changes and compliance requirements. It means the owners corporation, especially the executive committee, can go about the business of overseeing the day-to-day running of the scheme from a management perspective without having to be faced with the never-ending headaches of all the accounting and record keeping issues plus the compliance and legislative requirements.

We will sort the books, do the records keeping and meet the legislative requirements on the owners corporation. All the necessary data can be found quickly, easily and accurately, and we believe this is very important to prospective purchasers and their agents. We will also do the accounting works such as maintain administration and sinking fund accounts; arrange work order and quotes for maintaining common property; arrange compulsory insurances; issue and collect quarterly levies promptly in accordance with your budgets; call and minute meetings and guide you in correct meeting procedures so your decisions can be implemented without conflict; advise and interpret the strata laws and the by-laws.

We believe good strata management can make a huge difference to the way you and your occupants live and work as well as enhance and protect the value of your investment.

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GPSM can provide your owners corporation with a comprehensive management proposal tailored to your strata scheme.

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