Services to Australian Enterprises

Great Pacific Asia Nexus offers Australian enterprises a presence in China through its office in Shanghai, at a fraction of the cost of a client establishing and maintaining its own office in China. For a fixed fee, it provides clients a business address in Shanghai city centre, a telephone answering service, answering calls in the name of the client company, and either redirecting the calls or taking a message on the client’s behalf. At pre-agreed charges, clients have the ability to readily access a range of additional business support services from Great Pacific Consulting. The additional business support services include:

  • organising visits of clients’ executives to China and providing them with an assistant/interpreter to support them in their business dealings while in China;
  • undertaking preliminary or comprehensive market research studies in respect of clients’ products or services intended to be exported to China;
  • identifying suitable suppliers of products sought to be imported from China by a client, and negotiating terms of supply agreement on the client’s behalf;
  • identifying and introducing suitable business partners or associates in China, and negotiating on clients’ behalf the terms of any proposed relationship;
  • negotiating commercial agreements, including distribution, agency, manufacturing and licensing agreement on clients’ behalf; and
  • using its own sales team, undertaking the marketing and sales of clients’ products and services for distribution in the Chinese market.

Services to Chinese Enterprises

Great Pacific Asia Nexus offers to Chinese enterprises direct access to the Australian investment and commercial environment through its network of contacts in business, government and professional services organisations, and its expertise in sourcing investments and other commercial opportunities in Australia.

Typically, the services to Chinese clients include:

  • identifying suitable investments in property, specified industries, equities and other assets, and negotiating on clients’ behalf the price and terms of such investments;
  • identifying on clients’ behalf potential targets for mergers and acquisitions, including hostile takeovers of Australian companies and businesses;
  • assisting clients in assessing the value of the target, formulating and implementing effective strategies and/or negotiating the terms of any merger or acquisition, and engaging and instructing supporting professionals, including underwriters, and financial, corporate and legal advisers;
  • assisting Chinese enterprises in listing on the ASX, through initial public offerings (IPOs), reverse takeovers or friendly or hostile takeovers and, for such purpose, engaging and instructing all supporting professionals; identifying and introducing suitable partners or business associates from Australia, and negotiating on clients’ behalf the terms of any proposed relationship;
  • facilitating the processing of applications for governmental approvals from federal, state and municipal authorities in respect of any investment, acquisition, merger or takeover proposed to be undertaken in Australia; and
  • advising clients on and assist them in obtaining temporary or permanent residence visas, and also assisting them in respect of their children’s requirements for secondary and tertiary education in Australia.